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prints and merchandise that directly support artistry
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KHAC aims to empower artists in disadvantaged situations by providing an easier path to sustainable, self-generated income. By selling prints, original works, and other merchandise, hidden artists can build a brand for themselves and improve their economic standing.


KHAC is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to hidden artists in the form of marketing, logistics, and product production/delivery.

Together we can end the cycle of houselessness. 

how it works.

Pick the prints/merch that speak to you

Pay for items by etransfer to

Send email using contact form at bottom of website with order, delivery and contact information.

Prints will be delivered free of charge within Kingston. 

Hidden artists will receive 100% of the profits from your sale.

Orders can also be shipped at an additional cost. Please contact for shipping quotes.


Hidden Artists



Skott is a tattoo artist with over 20 years of experience and it shows in his work. His pieces often employ classical body art methods that invoke a feeling of nostalgia for the increasingly rare old-school tattoos that pioneered and propelled the industry to its current popularity. Currently, Skott is exploring ideas of pantheism in his work through the lens of his unique perspective. 


Most days Skott can be found sketching alongside his pup Kon in the nooks of Princess Street near Wellington St. 

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David Schweppel




Paul is a local multimedia artist that prides himself on "living in the moment and drawing from the heart". With multiple research papers authored under his name from his time at Queen's studying Phonetics, Phonology and Psycholinguistics, Paul is a true intellectual. He is also an avid community volunteer at multiple establishments.

Paul spends his days busking and selling art near the corner of Princess and Wellington.

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David is an incredibly prolific local Kingston street artist 


David's preferred medium is acrylic paint on canvas and his signature artworks usually depict harrowing impressionist portraits and vibrant abstract landscapes.

Adam is a proud Algonquin First Nations and a prolific artist when inspired. He often creates free hand pieces from pure imagination as people walk around him. He began drawing at the age of 5 by blindfolding himself and sketching whatever came to mind.  



Meet Abbey, a Kingston artist with an innate talent for intuitive design. Art has been her relief since childhood. Her captivating delicate illustrations reflect her unique perspective. Abbey's art serves as inspiration, fostering a supportive creative community in Kingston.



Georgina is a local Kingston Artist that has mastery with impressionist sketching. Her depictions of everyday buildings and nature paint them in a romantic light that make you nostalgic of them before you ever visit.



Jennafern Nelson decided she wanted to live at the age of 20. Before that, she lived roughly on the streets starting at the age of 15. A moment in the mirror and sheer gave Jenna the ability to sober herself without the use of any external services or programs. A stark realization that she wanted to grow old gave her the courage to leave her life behind and start anew in Kingston. Since then, she has grown a scholarly appreciation for theoretical physics, personal development, and philosophy. Evident in her paintings are her passion for both the universe, and life itself. 

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Frances Koziar

Frances is a local painter, author, and social justice advocate who was an archaeologist before she became too disabled to work. She started painting with acrylics in 7th grade, and spent ten years making very precise renditions of photographs before she had an artistic epiphany to paint the most beautiful places she could imagine, creating increasingly fantastical pictures of hope and home.

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